Katherine Arnold- Rob Conors (Excerpt)

Excerpt from #MeToo Plays:Resist. (Staged Reading)

Play: Katherine Arnold

Playwright: Rob Conors


Broghanne Jessamine (Katherine)

Grainger Hines (Heston)

Disconnected by Richard Thomas Henle (Excerpt)

Excerpt from the Play Disconnected written and directed by Richard Thomas Henle. Performed at The Manhattan Repertory Theater. 


Sarah: Broghanne Jessamine | Jessica: Seirra Estelow | Nikki: Gabie Rudtye | Vincent: Shaun Melady  | Laura: JulieAnn Bornales | Doctor: Peter Quinones | Jasmine: Cassandra Leigh Maguire | Charles: Theodore Newton  | Rick: Richard Thomas Henle  


Voiceover Reel

Samples from

Manticore: Narrator

Clevr Gear: Commercial

Safe Space: Narrator

Unusual Women: Host