Working in the voice over industry for the past 5 years, both remotely from her home studio and on site. Broghanne has experience in character voices (Lilly Doll- Animation), podcast hosting (Unusual Women), Film Narration (Manticore, Safe Space, How Do I Tell You?), Commercial Voice over (Sakes, ClvrGear) and Audiobook Narration (Business for Make Up Artists by Julia Stronach). Her voice is grounded with mystical and firely qualities, perfect for storytelling and adventures. 

Unusual Women

The Unusual Women Podcast is co hosted by Broghanne Jessamine and Mikayla Olivia Orrson, produced by Elemental Women Productions and available across 10 audio platforms. 

Each episode hightlights a womxn in history who's contribution to society has been overlooked, underrepresented or forgotten. 

Business for Make Up Artists

Written by Julia Stronach, Business for Make Up Artists is available through Amazon's Audible platform. Narrated by Broghanne Jessamine in her native Scottish voice. 

Voiceover Samples

Samples from
Manticore: Narrator
Clevr Gear: Commercial
Safe Space: Narrator
Unusual Women: Podcast Host